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Brenda and Dawn

ECHO Creative Media is the publishing partnership of Brenda J. Noel and Dawn Sherill-Porter. It exists to honor God and encourage others through content that positively impacts life and affirms godly truth.

Brenda Noel


Dawn Sherill-Porter

MDiv, Partner

About Brenda Noel

Brenda possesses over 20 years of experience in the Christian publishing industry. With a career that has taken her from acquisitions for a major Christian publishing house to her current role as co-founder and partner in the successful, creative endeavor that is ECHO Creative Media, Brenda has applied her talents to world-class audio projects, numerous Bible studies and extra-biblical materials, as well as the creation of original, ground-breaking projects that strive to bring Christian publishing into the twenty-first century. Brenda has become known for imaginative conceptualization and innovative implementation and enjoys a stellar reputation in the publishing and audio industries.
As an Audie Award-winning production supervisor, director, script creator, writer and editor of an ever-growing number of Christian titles (including Bible studies and curricula), Brenda has proven her ability to bring fresh perspective and incorporate the unexpected into a wide range of products.

About Dawn Sherill-Porter

Dawn’s journey of following God and communicating His Word has led her on quite the adventure. Over the last 20 years, she’s had some amazing opportunities to study and share God’s Word: teaching Biblical Greek and Old and New Testament at Union University, as an associate acquisitions editor for the Bible division of Thomas Nelson Publishers, as research and editorial designer for Wayfarer Ministries, as Theme-Team facilitator, curriculum writer/editor and consultant for national/international camp programs, as co-producer, assistant director, and Bible scholar for an award–winning series of audio Bible products, as a speaker/communicator, and as writing coach and/or ghost writer for a number of books.


Dawn is co-founder and partner in ECHO Creative Media. Some of her current endeavors include the following: writing for many different publishers and organizations, speaking/teaching engagements, curriculum development for nationally recognized entities, and creative consulting for various ministry partners.